The Best Time for Planting Dogwood Trees

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When a dogwood tree is planted can be just as important as how it is fertilized, watered and maintained. Planting during the time that the tree is actively trying to flower or grow can result in stunted or difficult growth and the introduction of diseases. It's important to allow the tree to focus its energy in a single direction, such as establishing a root system in its new location, rather than trying to grow and bloom while also establishing roots.

Early Spring

Most experts, including those at, recommend planting dogwood trees in early spring. Planting before the tree begins to bud gives it time to adjust to its new location and begin developing a strong root system. Spring is also ideal because the soil is usually moist and conducive to planting.

Late Fall

Because dogwood trees are also dormant in late fall, it is also a good time for planting. After the tree goes dormant, but before the ground freezes is ideal. Since in some areas fall is drier than in the spring, it's important to make sure the dogwood tree receives sufficient water.

Choosing Between Spring and Fall

Whether the best time to plant is spring or fall depends on your climate. Determine which season has more rainfall or moisture and milder temperatures. The length of the season is also an important consideration. Extended seasons allow more time for the tree to establish a strong root system. Fall planting can often allow a tree to establish roots over the winter and bloom well in the next growing season, but in some areas diseases that affect dogwood trees are also more prevalent in the fall.


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