How to Stop Maple Tree Spinners

Maple tree spinners, also known as maple keys, are the seeds of the maple tree. These seeds are attached to a long, papery blade. When the seeds fall from the tree, the blade causes the seed to whirl and slows its fall. If the wind catches these seeds, it can cause them to sail a considerable distance. Maple tree seeds can become a nuisance if they sprout where they aren't wanted. The way to stop this is to prevent the maple tree from bearing seeds. Spray your maple in spring when the tree flowers. Maple tree flowers are borne in clusters and resemble red pom-poms.

Maple tree spinners are the seeds of the maple tree.

Step 1

Mix a growth regulator hormone such as Florel in the tank of a tank mix sprayer at a rate of 3/4 quart of growth regulator per 10 gallons water. Use the hormone spray immediately. Growth regulator hormone will loose potency within a few days if it is stored.

Step 2

Pressurize your tank sprayer before applying the spray. A tank mix sprayer may have an electric pump or a manual pump. To operate a manual pump, grasp the pump handle and work it up and down until the pressure has built up.

Step 3

Point the wand at the maple tree. Depress the trigger to activate the wand. The growth regulator hormone will emerge from the tip of the wand in a fine mist.

Step 4

Pass the wand over the tree in a grid pattern to evenly distribute the hormone. The flowers will soon begin to fall from the tree.