Brown Leaves on a Bradford Pear

Bradford pears suffering from pest diseases, bacterial or fungal problems or physical damage may die if left untreated. Bradford pear trees sometimes suffer from more than one problem as they are weakened.

Brown leaves in the growing season indicate a problem.

Leaf Spot

Fungal diseases like fabraea leaf spot can affect both the leaves and fruit of a pear tree, causing it to lose its leaves and damaging the pears. Leaf spot can result in weakened pear trees.

Bacterial Disease

Bacteria can also infect a pear tree and cause serious damage, including the browning of leaves and damage to the tree and fruit. Fire blight is a common pear tree disease that is difficult to control without immediate chemical treatments, and often kills the tree.

Weather Damage

Weather damage like split roots or branches from ice and frost can cause the tree to produce brown, stunted leaves year after year. Pruning the pear tree to remove damaged branches can help reduce the likelihood of brown leaves.