What Is the Fruit of a Palm Tree?

The fruit of palm trees has been used for centuries for food, to produce cosmetics and for their oils. The most commonly known palm tree fruits are the coconut and the date.

Several species of palm trees produce edible fruit.

Coconut Palm

Coconuts are the fruit of the coconut palm.

The fruit of the coconut is a large, dry fruit called a drupe. The edible parts of the coconut are the meat, the coconut apple and the coconut water.

Date Palm

Fruit from the date palm

Date palms have been cultivated for thousands of years for their fruits. The average harvest per date tree is 50 to 300 lbs. each year. Not all dates will ripen at the same time, so they are harvested by hand.

Pejibaye Palm

The Pejibaye palm is from Costa Rica. It is called the peach palm because of its red, sweet, peach-like fruit.

African Oil Palm

The fruits of African oil palms are harvested for their oils and seeds. The oil is mainly used in soaps and candles but it is also found in processed foods including margarine and some candies.

Chilean Wine Palm

The sap of this palm tree, native to Chile, is fermented to make wine or boiled to make palm honey. The sweet fruits, harvested when they fall to the ground, are often candied. The seeds, called nuts, are eaten raw or used to make confections.

California Fan Palm

These palm trees are found in California and Arizona. The small, brownish fruits are similar in taste to dates or butterscotch.