When Does a Plum Tree Bloom the Most?

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Plum trees are favored for the variety of ways in which the fruits are utilized. Plum trees bloom the most in early spring, even a couple of weeks before apples. The early blooms are highly susceptible to frost. If the temperature happens to dip into the mid-20s after the tree blossoms, little can be done to save the blooms.

Effect of Temperature on Blooms

Plum trees are sensitive to temperature, though this cannot be controlled. If the trees bloom and the temperature dips into the mid-20 degrees F, the blooms become a target for frost damage. And if the trees happen to bloom during a warm spell, they produce little fruit.

Best Regions to Grow Plums

Plums are adaptable to nearly all parts of the country. However, given their early blooming time, they are highly vulnerable to the spring frosts in the colder regions.

Where to Plant the Plum Tree

If there is large area on which plum trees can be planted, it is best to plant them on a higher spot of a slope. Planting it here makes the blossoms less susceptible to the potentially damaging spring frosts.

Soil Conditions

Plum trees grow best in well-drained soils. Add lots of humus as this helps to retain moisture during the peak growing period. Avoid using alkaline soil since stone fruits like plums do not respond well to soil alkalinity.

How to Get the Most Fruit

Lack of pollination is the most common cause of poor fruit production in plum trees. In order to get the best harvest you should plant two trees from the same plum tree together. There are only a couple of plum varieties such as yellow egg and Stanley that prosper without cross-pollination. But they fare even better with a partner tree. Other reasons for a poor crop are poor soil, lack of bees and damage from frost.


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