An indoor palm tree can bring a small piece of the tropics into your household, but without proper trimming, it can start to look a little shabby. Aside from looking a little rough around the edges, the tree will also grow unchecked in your home until it becomes too large to comfortably fit inside your home. Use caution when you trim a palm, though, or you can cause lasting damage to the palm tree--even kill it.

Palm trees are delicate plants and should be trimmed with care.

Step 1

Prepare your palm tree by fertilizing it a week before you start the trimming process. The fertilizer will help prevent the palm tree from going into shock after you trim.

Step 2

Move your tree outdoors or lay a tarp below its pot to help protect your floor from the dead fronds you trim off.

Step 3

Examine the tree for dead or diseased palm tree fronds that have completely turned brown. These are the first fronds you must remove from the palm tree. Cut them off at the base of the tree.

Step 4

Shear off any growths near the base of the palm tree. This keeps your indoor palm tree looking uniform and attractive.

Step 5

Lightly trim away the browned tips of any fronds that still look healthy. Cut the browning tips in an arch so the frond retains its fan-like shape.