Magnolias are medium to large flowering trees commonly found in gardens across the United States. There are over 80 different varieties of magnolia tree native to the eastern United States and southeastern Asia.The flowers of the magnolia tree are unique in the fact that they do not have true petals and sepals, but are instead composed of complex structures called tepals. Magnolia blossom colors vary and may be very plain or vibrant in color.

Pink and cream combination blossoms are common for magnolia trees.


Pink is one of the most common colors for magnolia blossoms. The shade will vary from tree to tree. The flowers may be pale pink to bright fuchsia in color. Pink blossoms are most commonly found growing on the saucer magnolia tree variety.


Even more common than pink are white or cream-colored flowers on the magnolia tree. These flowers will range in color from pure, stark white to an almost yellow-toned cream. Like all other colors of magnolia blossoms, white and cream-colored blossoms are highly fragrant.


Purple flowers are less common on magnolia trees and can serve as a visually pleasing addition to your garden. Like pink magnolia blossoms, purple flowers will range in shade from pale to vibrant.


Yellow magnolia blossoms are among the least common flowers found on these trees. Magnolia varieties such as the butterfly and gold finch magnolia produce highly fragrant yellow flowers that give way to red-colored seeds. Yellow magnolia flowers may be pale to rich in shade.


Combination magnolia flowers contain more than one color. Generally, combination blossoms will have one color at the base of the flower that gradually blends into another color at the top of the flower. Pink and white combination blossoms are highly common on magnolia trees.