The oak tree has many different types of species that grow all over the world. While they aren't the tallest trees around, they do grow to an impressive height.

Oak trees average 50 to 70 feet when full-grown.


The oak tree is a deciduous type of tree that belongs to the beech tree family. This family includes many different species of oaks. Examples of such trees are the white oak, northern red oak, pin oak and the live oak. Each type of oak has its own average height.


Oak trees grow to an average height of about 50 to 70 feet when fully grown. They tend to have a spread of as much as 50 feet from branch to branch. The white oak is the tallest, reaching as high as 100 feet with a spread of 80 feet.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy differs depending on the type of oak tree. The pin oak is one of the shortest lived, with an average lifespan of 100 years. The white oak is the longest, with an average of 300 years.