How to Germinate Privet Seeds

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Things You'll Need

  • Privet seed

  • Compost

  • Shovel

The privet plant is one of several species of plants often used as hedges. Some are evergreen, some deciduous, and they reproduce from seed, vegetative cuttings or stump sprouts. Since the privet plants produce hundreds of seeds, it is the simplest way to start new plants from existing plants. The seeds of some species are produced from August through September and some species have seeds that actually stay on the plant all year, such as the Ligustrum lucidum. The seeds are about 1/4 inch long, usually black and described as a drupe.


Step 1

Collect the seeds for planting in the fall for the most successful germination. Choose a site with at least six hours of sunlight per day and where the seedling will have room to grow over the coming years with about 10 feet of space in all directions if growing as a tree or at least 24 inches if growing as a hedge.

Step 2

Work the top 6 inches of the soil with a small shovel so that you have loosened it for easy growth for the seed, adding a shovelful of well-rotted compost to the site.

Step 3

Plant the seed about 1 inch deep in the soil. Tamp the soil lightly over the seed to make sure there is good soil-to-seed contact.

Step 4

Moisten the planted seed with just enough water to dampen the soil around the seed. Watch for the sprouts to come up in about 60 days.



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