What Is a Yellow Watermelon Called?

The average watermelon available for purchase in a store are deep pink to red inside. However, to some people's surprise, they cut open the oblong melon to find that it is yellow inside.

In addition to red watermelons, there are also yellow watermelons.

What Is It Called?

Yellow watermelons are simply called watermelons, but in order to distinguish them from their red counterparts they are referred to as yellow flesh watermelons.


Yellow flesh watermelons on the outside look the same as the red ones, having the distinctive dark green, and light green squiggly stripes. When sliced, yellow flesh watermelons look either yellow or light orange.

Where Does It Grow?

Yellow watermelons grow year round. They grow in California and Arizona, and are also shipped in from Mexico. In the U.S. they are grown between May and October.


In a 154g serving, yellow watermelons contain 46 calories, zero percent fat, cholesterol and sodium, four percent carbohydrates, 10g of sugar, and one gram of protein. In the same serving it also contains 18 percent Vitamin A, 21 percent Vitamin C, one percent Calcium and two percent Iron.


Although watermelon is often looked upon as a fruit, it is actually a vegetable and a cousin of the American cucumber.