How to Get Rid of Fleas in the Dirt

The dirt outside is a flea's favorite places to exist. You can see the fleas in the dirt, if they are there, if you look closely at the ground. You will see them jumping around. Fleas in the dirt outside can eventually make their way inside your house by attaching themselves to pets. When the pets come inside after an afternoon romp in the grassy yard, they bring the fleas inside. You can nip this potential indoor flea problem in the bud by getting rid of your fleas in the dirt.

Step 1

Decide whether you want to use insecticide or diatomaceous earth to kill the fleas in your yard. If you have pets that roam the outside area, insecticides can cause harm to the pets for a short period of time after they are sprayed. If you choose to spray insecticide, you will want to keep your pets away from the areas you are spraying for a couple days. Diatomaceous earth are little plant particles that you spread across your yard. These plants work by suffocating fleas and breaking them apart.

Step 2

Pour the insecticide into your sprayer outdoors. You don't want to get any insecticide anywhere near where your pets will be.

Step 3

Spray your yard thoroughly with the insecticide. Make sure you spray it evenly and thoroughly. Take your time to hit all the spots of your yard and dirt.

Step 4

Spread the diatomaceous earth thoroughly around your yard with a spreader or with your hands. Be generous in your application.

Step 5

Place cedar chips around the exterior of your lawn and dirt. If you have a fence around your yard, place the cedar trips all around the bottom of the fence. This prevents any fleas from jumping under the fence and entering your yard.

Step 6

Wait a few days and check your yard for fleas again. The insecticide or diatomaceous earth should have done the trick. If it hasn't repeat these steps.