Are the Leaves of the Variegated Weigela Plant Poisonous to Animals?

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A deciduous shrub that comes into its full glory in spring and summer, the variegated weigela plant originally grew in Japan. If you plant one in your yard, you do not need to worry about it injuring your animals.


Variegated weigela plants are prized for their multi-colored leaves, which can contain shades including yellow, green, purple and red. They bloom in the spring, producing numerous bell or funnel shaped flowers and bringing bright splashes of color to the yards that contain them.


The leaves of the variegated weigela plant are not poisonous to animals. Neither are its flowers or the small, inch-long fruit it produces. The only nuisance weigela plants present is their frequent need to be cut back in order to maintain shape and encourage bloom production.


If your pet eats enough of any unfamiliar food, it could experience gastric upset. This can happen if your dog munches on a variegated weigela plant. If this occurs, make sure your pet has access to plenty of water as vomiting or diarrhea can lead to dehydration. After your pet expels the plant from its system, the symptoms will stop.

Kay Wagers

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