How to Hang Window Boxes on Vinyl Siding

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Things You'll Need

  • Vinyl siding hooks

  • Metal window box

  • Router and a straight bit (optional)

Hanging window boxes can be tricky if your house is covered in vinyl siding. To hang window boxes in the most common way, you would have to put holes through the siding. Window boxes can also scratch the exterior of your siding where they hang. With some special hardware and care, you can overcome both of these issues. So, if you are determined to have window boxes on your vinyl-sided house, you'll need the right tools.

Step 1

Buy vinyl siding hooks. If you want to prevent damage to your house, vinyl siding hooks are the best way to attach your window boxes. Hooks can be bought at gardening or home improvement stores.

Step 2

Install the vinyl siding hooks onto the side of your house. Vinyl siding hooks have one end that is bent into a hook and one straight end that has a small catch at the tip. To install a hook, slide the end with the catch underneath the panel of siding that is just under the window. Pull the hook forward and down until it catches on the siding.

Step 3

Use at least two hooks for each window box. Putting one hook at each end will help distribute the weight and keep your window box level. Once installed, vinyl siding hooks are easy to move back and forth across the siding. Just be careful not to scratch the surface.

Step 4

Use a window box that works with your hooks. Metal window boxes or wooden boxes that have a metal decorative covering will have plenty of places for your hooks to catch. If you really want to use a wood box, you still can. You will have to cut two slits into the back of the box for your hooks, which can be done with a router and a straight router bit.

Step 5

Keep your window box as light as possible. Each vinyl siding hook can support about 10 to 12 pounds, but be careful as you near the weight limit. When it rains, your box will get heavier, and different sidings can handle different amounts of weight.


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