Potatoes provide important protein, vitamins and minerals, and can be grown in any climate and at any altitude. They can also grow in almost any type of soil, and it is even easy to grow them on top of the ground, as long as you cover them. Straw makes a great cover for growing potatoes. Hay can be used also, if straw is unavailable.

Potatoes can grow in straw bales.

Step 1

Locate a flat area in your garden.

Step 2

Cut the seed potatoes, but be sure there are three to five eyes on each piece. The seed potatoes can be cut large, but do not cut them smaller than into quarters.

Step 3

Let the potatoes sit for two days.

Step 4

Place the potato pieces 2 feet apart, in a row. The 2 feet will allow the potatoes to grow and spread under the straw. The pieces can be placed directly on top of the ground. There is no need to dig into the ground.

Step 5

Cover the potato row(s) with at least 6 inches of straw. Place the hay 6 inches deep and spread it out 6 inches to each side of the row, so that the row is at least 1 foot wide and 6 inches deep.

Step 6

Soak the straw with water.

Step 7

Add more straw as the plants begin to peek through, in order to keep the base of the plant entirely covered.