How to Protect Exterior Artificial Plants from UV

Exterior artificial plants are a great way to create the look of a well-cultivated garden without the effort required by real plants. However, unlike real plants, artificial plants do not fare well under the sun's ultraviolet rays. The fibers of artificial plants dull and fade over time if they are placed in direct sunlight without adequate protection. An easy way to protect your artificial plants from damaging UV rays is to use a UV protectant.

Protect artificial plants with a UV protectant.

Step 1

Pour 2 cups of salt into a paper bag large enough to accommodate your artificial plant.

Step 2

Place the artificial plant into the paper bag and fold the top of the bag closed.

Step 3

Shake the closed bag vigorously for 60 seconds. The salt will remove and absorb dust and debris from all surfaces of the artificial plant.

Step 4

Remove the artificial flowers from the bag. Shake the artificial plant vigorously to remove any salt residue.

Step 5

Place the artificial flowers outside, over a sheet of newspaper.

Step 6

Spray the sealer on all of the artificial plant's parts according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 7

Allow the artificial plant to dry for the manufacturer-recommended amount of time before handling it again.

Meg Butler

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