How to Keep Birds Out of Hanging Baskets

You can bring a bit of the garden to a porch or deck with a hanging basket of flowers. Cascading blooms and greenery thrive in hanging baskets until a bird makes the basket its home and builds a nest. There are a few humane and simple ways to keep birds out of hanging baskets.

Hanging baskets make a great addition to your porch decor.

Step 1

Hang inflatable balloons decorated with big eyes that resemble a predator's eyes. This confuses the birds and helps keep them from making a nest in the basket. These balloons can be purchased in pet stores and in some home improvement stores.

Step 2

Place strips of sparkling red tape on the wire hanging basket holders so that they shimmer in the breeze. The shiny pieces of tape frighten birds and works to detract them from building their home in your hanging plant.

A child's pinwheel is a great visual deterrent for birds.

Stick a child's toy pinwheel in the soil located in the hanging basket. The colorful and constant movement of the pinwheel bothers birds and keeps them from nesting in your plant.

Step 4

Hide a rubber snake inside the plant foliage. The snake needs to be realistic looking and positioned as this actual bird predator would lie. Change the location of the snake in the plant basket frequently to keep the birds off guard.