What Will Kill Lawn Weeds Without Killing the Grass?

Weeds are a common problem in lawns and chemicals are often required to eliminate heavy infestations. The two main types of weed killers are the preemergence and the post emergence weed killers and many kill only the weeds and not the grass.

Woman spraying weed-killer on dandelions
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2,4-D is a selective weed killer that targets many broadleaf weeds like plantain and dandelions without harming the grass.

Broadleaf Herbicides

Broadleaf herbicides attack the weeds and do not harm most of the warm and cool season grasses when used as directed.


MCPA are selective weed killers that kill the weeds and do not affect the grasses. They work inside the weed, killing the leaf and roots of the weed.


Weed killers that contain dicamba will destroy weeds such as wild onion, mugwort, red sorrel, thistle, and henbit without hurting grass.


Mecoprop is also known as MCPP and helps to eradicate weeds like thistle, wild violet, yellow rocket, and wild mustard without harming grass.