Uses for Lanzones Peel

Lanzones, scientifically known as Lansium domesticum, are thick-skinned fruits with a yellowish hue that are native to Southeast Asia. Tasting similar to a sweet grapefruit, lanzones flesh is usually eaten fresh. When dried, the fruit peels have medicinal and practical uses.

Smoke from burning lanzones rinds repels mosquitoes.


Lanzones peels can be used as natural mosquito repellents, according to the Purdue University website. Drying and burning the rind produces a smell that repels mosquitoes.


Burning lanzones rinds helps reduce the odor produced by ill people. The peels are burned in the room where the sick person is located.


Dried lanzones peels contain five onoceroid triterpenes known to have an antibacterial effect. These are believed to fight bacterium such as C albicans, P. aeruginosa and B subtilis.


Dried lanzones rinds contain a non-toxic resin proven to stop diarrhea, as noted on the Purdue University website. Intestinal spasms are also reduced.

Intestinal Parasites

Certain volatile oils and resins make lanzones rinds an effective treatment for intestinal parasites.