Is Calibrachoa Deer Resistant?

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Though a hungry deer will eat almost any plant, calibrachoa tends to repel deer.

Deer are a significant garden pest in both rural and urban areas, according to West Virginia University Cooperative Extension. Deter deer with a combination of repellents, fencing and unpalatable plants, such as Calibrachoa xhybrida.


Deer Resistance

Calibrachoa is rarely eaten by deer, according to Penn State Cooperative Extension. Many deer-resistant plants have a bitter taste, a strong fragrance, or rough or prickly leaves.


Calibrachoa is a relative of the petunia. This annual is also known as million bells or trailing petunia. Calibrachoa grows from 3 to 6 inches tall and produces a profusion of red, pink, purple, yellow or blue flowers from summer to fall. Shady conditions can result in fewer flowers.



Plant calibrachoa in full sun and moist, pH-balanced soil. Plants are susceptible to iron deficiencies, aphid infestations and pythium root rot. Rooted cuttings can be planted in February or March.


Calibrachoa can be grown in containers or window boxes or used as a ground cover.


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