Will Spaghetti Squash Ripen If Picked While Green?

With its interesting texture and delicate flavor, many dishes employ spaghetti squash as a staple. Before using the vegetable with a recipe, though, you must allow it to mature. However, if you pick the spaghetti squash while it is still green, it might still ripen indoors.

Spaghetti squash should have a buttery yellow color before picked.

When to Pick

The time to pick spaghetti squash is once the skin has turned yellow and the skin can no longer be easily punctured with a fingernail. The color and texture change indicate that the vegetable has matured enough to eat.

Ripening After Picked

Ripening a green spaghetti squash may be a difficult task and does not always offer successful results. Bring the squash indoors, and place it in an area with plenty of sunlight. Allow the vegetable to sit for several days, turning it regularly to allow the sun to hit all sides of the squash. If the vegetable is not placed in an area with sunlight, it will not ripen.


Before attempting to ripen the squash indoors, wash the vegetable. Rinse the squash under cool water and use your fingers to gently scrub the skin. Use a towel to blot the skin and stem completely dry. Skipping this step might allow the squash to rot or produce mold while sitting in the sunlight.