Home Remedies for Bird Repellent

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Home Remedies for Bird Repellent

Birds are helpful in many ways to the outdoor environment, from feeding on predator insects to feasting on weed seeds. However, some birds can become pests when feeding on fruits and vegetables in gardens. Other birds, such as the sparrow, are predators of native songbirds and blue jays. Overpopulation of birds can cause unsightly bird droppings. Because it is illegal to kill or remove birds and nests, natural repellents are often used to discourage birds from specific areas.


Bright Objects

Hang shinning objects near landing or nesting areas. Use old cds, tin foil or aluminum cans. The reflection will discourage birds from returning to these spots.

Chili Pepper Spray

Crush and place dry green or red chili peppers into water. The solution can be heated in a crock pot for several hours to infuse or placed in a clear glass jar to infuse naturally in sunlight. Use in a plant mister and spray any areas such as trees and leaves where birds are gathering.


Predator Objects

Create figures in the forms of predators. Objects can include cats, owls and other birds. Use wood, metal or other material that will sustain outdoor use. Remember to move the objects around to different areas every few days---otherwise birds will acclimate and begin to ignore the objects.

Round Garden Balls

Large colorful balls can be hung from trees and in gardens off of fence posts and stakes. Add large colorful circles in black and red around the balls---birds will confuse the spherical objects with eyes and avoid the areas.


Bird Spikes

Use tin or plastic cans to create sharp spikes. Cut tin with cutters, and wear safety gloves and goggles for protection. Place spikes into dirt, or attach with wire to window sills and overhangs. Birds naturally know that landing on a spike is not comfortable. Spikes can also be used by hammering nails through wood.


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