Broad Leaf Grass Types

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There are hundreds of varieties of grass.

There are hundreds of grass varieties, some of which are valuable to people and many widely considered invasive at best and weeds at worst. Many varieties are considered both dependent upon the context. Grasses are a low-cost option to protect soil from erosion in residential areas, as well as in commercial agriculture. Grasses replenish valuable nutrients in fields lying fallow.


Broadleaf Carpet Grass

Broadleaf carpet grass is also known by its scientific name, Axonopus compressus. It is a short perennial grass that grows in tropical and subtropical regions. It is a commonly cultivated lawn grass in the United States and Australia. It is known for its ability to suppress weeds, although in some cases it can become a weed itself. This grass grows best in full sunlight, but it can tolerate some shade. It requires a minimum rainfall of 30 inches per year. The leaves of a mature plant average heights of four to fifteen centimeters. This grass grows naturally in Mexico, South America, Central America, the South American tropics and the West Indies. Broadleaf carpet grass protects soil from erosion in commercial farms.


Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue is a perennial variety of grass that grows best in cool weather. This grass resists both heat and drought. The most common use for this grass is landscaping, although in some cases it is considered a weed. If you are trying to get rid of tall fescue grass, the best method of removal is applying glyphosate weed killer, or to dig out the entire plant, including the roots. If the roots are not removed, it is likely that the grass will return. Tall fescue is a popular variety because although it is a cool season grass it can tolerate periods of hot weather that would kill other grass types.



Crabgrass is a warm weather grass that sprouts from seed when the soil temperature rises above 55 degrees. This is typically in late April or early May. It is a popular choice for short, frequently watered lawns although some consider it an invasive pest. If you are trying to get rid of crabgrass, the most effective method is to treat the area with a pre-emergent herbicide available at most home improvement stores. This grass is also known by the names crowfoot grass and summer grass. It is a low growing variety that can be cut down to 1/4 inch or left unmowed can reach a height of 6 inches.