It doesn't require the luck of the Irish to grow a shamrock from seed. Adequate sunlight, water and a bit of tender loving care are all that's needed to grow an attractive plant to add interest and color to your indoor living environment. While most shamrock plants are bright green, some varieties are deep purple or red. The flowers, which rise above the foliage and often bloom all winter, are pink, red, yellow or white, depending on the variety.

Step 1

Fill a 4-to-6-inch pot with a high-quality commercial potting mixture. Place the pot in a bowl of water for a few hours overnight and allow the potting mixture to wick up water. Allow the potting mixture to drain if it becomes too wet, as the mixture should be just lightly moist.

Step 2

Sprinkle a few shamrock seeds on the surface of the soil. Don't plant too many seeds, as shamrock seedlings won't do well when the seedlings are crowded. Press the tiny shamrock seeds lightly into the soil with your finger but don't cover the seeds.

Step 3

Cover the container with a sheet of clear plastic or slide the container into a plastic bag. Plastic will keep the seeds warm and moist until they germinate.

Step 4

Place the container in a warm place with temperatures around 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Check the potting mixture daily and mist lightly if the mixture dries. Bright sunlight isn't needed at this point. Low light or filtered light is adequate.

Step 5

Remove the plastic covering as soon as shamrock seedlings appear, which usually takes about two weeks but may take as long as two months. Move the seedlings into bright sunlight.

Step 6

Re-pot excess shamrock seedlings to individual pots so the seedlings don't become crowded. If one container of shamrocks is all you want, allow four to six of the stronger seedlings to remain and pinch off the weaker seedlings at soil level.

Step 7

Continue to water the shamrock seedlings as needed. Keep the potting mixture lightly moist and allow the top of the mixture to dry slightly between waterings.