Pothos, or devil's ivy (Epipremnum aureum), is a fast growing vine originally from the tropical forests of the Solomon Islands. It is grown as a houseplant for its trailing habits and glossy, heart-shaped leaves with yellow or cream streaks. Pothos plants grown in bright light and allowed to climb can produce stems over 12 feet long and leaves 24 inches across. All parts of the pothos plant are poisonous.

Pothos grows fast if it is provided with ideal conditions.

Step 1

Place your pothos plant in the brightest available spot in the home. Close to a west- or south-facing window that receives indirect sunlight is ideal. Rotate the pot every week to make sure all parts of the plant receive the same amount of light. Pothos plants grow fastest in bright light but can suffer from bleaching and damage if exposed to direct sunshine.

Step 2

Water when the surface of the soil has dried out and never let the soil dry out completely. Allow all excess water to drain out of the pot after watering and never leave a pothos plant standing in water as this damages the roots. Place the pot on a dish of damp gravel and mist daily to keep local humidity levels high.

Step 3

Fertilize your pothos every month during the spring and summer with a liquid houseplant fertilizer diluted by 50 percent. Reduce to once every other month during the fall and winter. A constant supply of nutrients allows your pothos plant to grow continually.

Step 4

Remove the growing tips of your pothos plant stems during the early spring. This encourages branching and more vigorous growth.

Step 5

Repot your pothos if its roots emerge from the drainage hole at the bottom of its pot. Choose a container 2 inches wider than the original and a peat-based compost containing perlite or vermiculite for drainage.

Step 6

Provide your pothos with a commercially available totem pole stuffed with moss. This allows your pothos to climb and encourages vigorous growth and larger leaves. Direct new stems towards the pole as they grow. Keep the pole moist at all times with a mister.