How to Know When a Red Hot Cherry Pepper Is Ready to Pick

Red hot cherry peppers also are referred to as cherry bomb peppers. The hot peppers are added to dishes such as salsa and chili due to their extreme heat. The peppers have a similar appearance to cherries. The thick-fleshed oval peppers mature from green to red in color. After the peppers ripen on the plant, they are then harvested carefully to prevent injury to the plant. Harvesting the peppers regularly will allow the cherry pepper plant to continue to produce peppers throughout the growing season.

Red and Green Cherry Pepper in The Wicker Basket on White Background, Clipping Path
credit: Backiris/iStock/GettyImages

Step 1

Inspect the red hot cherry peppers daily, 65 to 70 days after you transplant them. The cherry peppers are ready to harvest once they reach 3/4 to 1-1/2 inches in size.

Step 2

Examine the color of the cherry peppers. Cherry peppers start out green in color and then ripen to a bright red. Harvest the cherry peppers when they are uniformly red in color.

Step 3

Slice the stem of the pepper plant with a sharp knife. Leave 1 inch of the stem attached to the pepper.

Step 4

Harvest the pepper plants as they ripen. Harvest all the cherry peppers when the threat of frost arrives because the cold weather will damage them.