How to Ripen Butternut Squash

Squash is a common sight in many gardens. Bad weather, frost and other uncontrollable circumstances can cause your butternut squash not to ripen on the vine properly. When this happens, many people just toss the unripened squash. Instead, try ripening the butternut squash in your home.

Ripen butternut squash.

Step 1

Cut the unripened butternut squash from the vine. Leave at least 3 inches of the vine attached to the squash. Use the vine instead of the squash when handling the vegetable.

Step 2

Mix 6 parts water with 1 part household bleach, wipe the squash with the solution and allow to air dry. The water-bleach mixture will help prevent the squash from rotting.

Step 3

Place the butternut squash in a sunny location in your home. Squash must have sunlight in order to ripen. If left with no sunlight, squash will remain unripened.

Step 4

Turn the squash over periodically so that all sides of the vegetable get adequate sunlight to ripen. The green lines on unripened butternut squash will fade and the squash will have a pale or light orange color when the vegetable is ripe.