How to Prune Roses for Winter

The classic beauty of the rose makes it a garden favorite. Its trademark blossom comes in an array of hues and subtle distinctions. There are many varieties of rose bushes, some are climbers and others are shrubs. A climbing rose bush can weave itself over a trellis, or a row of shrubs can form a colorful hedge. Dedicated rose gardeners know that the fragrant flower requires periodic nurturing.

Prune Roses for Winter

Step 1

Stop cutting roses off your bush by late fall. This allows the seeds to develop which signals the bush to move into dormancy. As the weather gets colder, this dormancy with help protect the plant.

Step 2

Stop dead heading by late fall. This means to stop removing the dead flowers.

Step 3

Don't prune for winter. You will need to prune after the frost.

Step 4

Prune tall rose bushes only if necessary for winter covering. Put on protective gloves.

Step 5

Clean your pruning shears, to avoid spreading disease.

Step 6

Cut at a 45 degree angle to the stem axis. Keep pruning to a minimum, removing only what is necessary for covering the plant.