The agave plant is a desert succulent used to make tequila. It is commercially farmed throughout the desert regions of the United States. It is also grown privately, either for personal use or for decoration. Agave plants have long, spear-shaped leaves tinged a blue-green color. It is an attractive plant that will retain its attractiveness and health with proper pruning.

Step 1

Examine your agave for any brown and brittle leaves. These leaves are not getting enough nutrients and may be draining the rest of the plant. Slide the blades of your pruning shears down to the base of brown leaves and cut them away.

Step 2

Look for diseased leaves. These leaves may have yellow or brown spots or show signs of rotting from pests. Cut away these leaves as you did in Step 1. Do not compost diseased leaves; throw them away or burn them if it is legal.

Step 3

Maintain the growth area and size of your agave with pruning. Agaves can become very tall and wide. Trim away whole branches by snipping them just under the leaf clusters. Snip growth on the top for a shorter plant and growth on the side for a thinner plant.