When to Pick Morel Mushrooms in Oregon

Picking hundreds of pounds of superbly flavored morels in Oregon is a mushroom lover's delight, since the season is long due to very cool summers and mountainous regions. These gourmet mushrooms thrive under the leaves in Oregon fir and pine forests and near wetlands, and are the first to pop in springtime just after the snow has melted.

Oregon mountain ranges are prime areas to find morel mushrooms.

Mountain Regions

Morels grow in forests of pine and hardwoods.

Gorgeous mountain ranges in Oregon are choice locations for hunting morels. Be sure to check out forested elevations of the Cascade, Blue, and Klamath mountain ranges in the 4,000-to-5,000-foot levels, since these elevations host temperatures that are ideal for morels.


Hunt for morel mushrooms in Oregon starting in April even if the temps seem a bit chilly because they are first among mushrooms to erupt above the blanket of leaves. Oregon summers in 5,000-foot elevations can sink to temperatures in the 40s Fahrenheit and below, providing for a very long season of morel hunting into August.

After Forest Fire

Burned areas in Oregon's pine or hardwood forests are prime areas to start hunting for morels in April, states an article by Ian Gibson of the South Vancouver Island Mycological Society. Make note of forest fires that occur from September through November in Oregon, since morel populations are higher in areas where charcoal residues are found.