How to Make Flowers Bloom Faster

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Things You'll Need

  • Planting trays

  • Seed starting soil

  • 5-30-5 fertilizer

  • Water

Most often we plant blooming plants because we enjoy their flowers and getting the plants to produce flowers faster is a frequent goal of gardeners. Flowers bloom because they are preparing to produce a seedpod The seedpod is the means by which the flower reproduces. Keeping your flowering plants in the best possible condition and working to meet all the plant's needs is one of the best methods for getting a plant to flower more quickly. In addition, there are a few additional steps that should help you enjoy the beauty of your gardening efforts even sooner.


Step 1

Plant your seed indoors 10 to 12 weeks before the last frost date, if you're growing from seed. You'll be starting from seedlings rather than seed when the soil is workable. This will give your plants a few weeks' head start and get them to the blooming stage more quickly. The seed should be started in plastic planting trays using seed-starting soil.

Step 2

Plan where you will sow your flowers in your garden. Consider the size of the adult plant, lighting needs and soil conditions. Planting your seedlings in the best possible location for their particular needs will give them the best chance to develop into healthy adult plants that mature to the point of producing flowers more quickly.


Step 3

Give your plant as much light as possible based upon its particular tolerance for light. If the plant grows in full sun to partial shade, plant it in full sun to get it to bloom faster. Ensuring that your plant's needs for light are met–and that your plant isn't getting too much sun for its particular species–is important in the overall health of the plant as well as the production of flowers.

Step 4

Fertilize your plants. Look for a fertilizer that contains more phosphorous, which is the chemical that helps plants produce flower buds. For flowering plants, a 5-30-5 fertilizer is best at speeding up flower production. Mixed to half strength, you can use a liquid fertilizer of this strength every other time you water your plant.


Step 5

Learn about the water needs of the particular type of flower you are growing. Ensure that you meet the moisture needs of the plant. Proper watering makes the plant healthier and increases the speed at which the plant will bloom.



Bethney Foster

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