What Is Eating the Sedum Plants?

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Beetles are common pests.

Sedum is one of the most disease resistant, easy to grow plants on the market today. Boasting succulent-like leaves and large flowers, most insects don't bother sedum. However, if your sedum has been nibbled upon, there are a few likely candidates.



Deer and squirrel have been known to feed on the tender new shoots of the sedum plant. Although it is poisonous to man, deer have shown a preference for the sedum variety called autumn joy.


Although aphids are the most common pest to feed on your sedum, ants are known to enjoy the leaves as well. These pests are easily eliminated with insecticide soap or the purchase of lady bugs, the natural enemy of aphids.



Sedum is susceptible to crown rot if over-watered or if the soil doesn't have adequate drainage. If you see black or dark smudges on your sedum, consider reducing the moisture in the soil.


If animals are eating your sedum, consider placing a cage or deer-resistant netting over your plant. There is nothing you can do to prevent insects from finding your plant tasty, but you can keep them at bay with a store-bought or home-made insecticide.


Buying Sedum

Sedum is commonly available at almost any garden center. It is available in many varieties, shapes and sizes and is an easy to care for addition to any garden.



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