When Is the Best Time to Plant Wisteria?

According to the National Gardening Association, wisteria is a twining vine that produces heavy clusters of cascading flowers. The vines require sturdy support, and planting them appropriately gives them the best chance of thriving.

Wisteria produces bundles of flowers in various colors.

Time Frame

The National Gardening Association states that the best time to plant wisteria is in the spring and the fall. Planting in the spring gives the wisteria the full growing season to establish itself, while planting in the fall when the weather is dropping induces dormancy over the cold winter.


Wisteria needs a hole that is only as deep as the root ball it comes in, but the hole should be between two and three times as wide. Place the wisteria in the hole, partially fill the hole soil and water it. Wait for the water to drain, and then fill the rest of the hole with soil, watering it again.


Do not grow wisteria near gutters, where the runners can climb them and clog them. Do not plant Chinese wisteria or Japanese wisteria, as these plants are invasive and can choke out the local plants. Instead, choose wisterias that are native to the United States.