When Are Oranges Ripe in Florida?

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The southern two-thirds of the Florida peninsula is home to millions of orange trees that produce fruit for most of the year. Florida produces 80 percent of the orange juice in the United States, according to the Florida Department of Citrus.


Navel oranges are ripe from October through January in Florida. These oranges are almost perfectly round, have a bright skin and are typically peeled and eaten as snacks. Most varieties of navel oranges are seedless.

Valencia Oranges

Valencia oranges ripen later than navel oranges and are typically harvested in Florida between February and June. Valencia oranges are often used for their juice because many varieties have seeds and have a slightly green tinge to their skins, which makes them less appealing for peeling and eating.


Temple Oranges

Temple orange season in Florida overlaps with both navel and Valencia, with its harvest occurring from January through March. Temple oranges are ideal for eating because they are very easy to peel and break into sections and they have a sweet, juicy flavor.


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