Where Is Dragon Fruit Grown?

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Dragon fruit has white flesh dotted with black seeds.

Dragon fruit is also known as pitaya, and is a tropical plant that produces edible fruit. This is a fruit that is often seen in health food stores and it originates from several different places.

Places of Origin

Originally, the dragon fruit came from tropical America, including southern Mexico, Costa Rica and El Salvador. It was also found in Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Uruguay and Brazil.

Places of Production

Due to its desired use, growers took the dragon fruit to places with compatible climates, including Asia, Australia and Europe. According to the University of Florida, it is widely distributed from Taiwan, Malaysia, Israel, Vietnam and the Caribbean.


The dragon fruit requires tropical or subtropical climates that are primarily free of frosts. It tolerates temperatures that do not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit and requires some shade, as too much sunlight will kill the plant.


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