A List of Bush-Grown Vegetables

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Green beans are a popular variety of vegetables grown on bushes.

Plants grow in a wide variety of types and shapes, including grasses, trees, shrubs and vines. Shrubs, sometimes called bushes, are woody-stemmed plants with a trunk that typically do not grow higher than a tree, according to the Iowa State University Extension. A vine is a plant that climbs over other plants or structures, or along the ground, and does not have a woody stem. Both vines and bushes can grow vegetables.

Bush Beans

Alternately called string beans, green beans and French beans, bush beans are one of the more common bush-grown vegetables. These beans have been cultivated for more than 7,000 years, though they are not native to North America, according to Cornell University. Bush beans grow best in full sunlight and well-drained soils. Seed pod colors range widely depending on the plant variety, with yellow, green and purple pods available. The bean pods themselves also show marked differences, ranging from short and round to long, flat pods. Bush beans are suitable for harvest as either snap beans, shell beans or dry beans, depending on the time of harvest.

Summer Squash

Squash grows both on vine and bush plants, according to the University of Illinois Extension. One variety of squash, called summer squash, grows on bush plants in warm seasons, hence the name. This vegetable is harvested before the rind hardens and before the fruit grows to maturity, and there are a range of different varieties from which to choose. Scallop squash, constricted neck squash, zucchini, cocozelle and caserta are all common varieties of this bush-grown vegetables. In recent years, new hybrid varieties have become increasingly more widespread, with a range of colors and shapes available for gardeners.


Peppers grow on bushes. These vegetables are native to Central and South America and are divided into two groups: sweet and hot, according to Cornell University. Sweet peppers are most commonly used in cooking as part of a dish, while hot peppers tend to be used more in sauces. Both hot and sweet peppers grow on bushes. Some of the bushes are quite small and can be grown indoors, producing peppers all year long if enough sunlight is available.


While tomatoes are technically fruits, many people consider them vegetables and maintain tomato plants as an integral part of their vegetable garden. Tomato bushes are sometimes called tree tomatoes, though the plant is a perennial bush that grows to between 6 and 10 feet high, according to Oregon State University. Bush tomatoes come in a wide variety of types, ranging from smaller cherry-sized tomatoes to full-sized Beefeater and even yellow or nearly white-colored varieties.


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