How to Take Care of Sedum Adolphi

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Things You'll Need

  • Potting soil

  • Well-draining planting container

  • Gravel

  • Water soluble fertilizer

Golden Sedum (Sedum adolphi) is a low-growing succulent plant with pointed dark green leaves. The leaves develop orange or reddish tips when exposed to bright sunlight. Sedum adophi produces white, star-shaped flowers in spring. It can survive a few hours in temperatures as low is 29 degrees Fahrenheit, but is not considered winter hardy except in frost-free locations, such as United States Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zone 10 and warmer. Sedum adolphi is most often grown as a houseplant or an attractive outdoor container plant where it can be protected during the winter.


Step 1

Purchase a well-draining container for planting Sedum adolphi. The container should not be any bigger than 2 inches more in diameter than the root section of the plant. A larger container will contain more potting soil than is needed for the plant to grow. Unused potting soil collects moisture and the organic material in the potting soil will create fungal problems that can spread to the plant.

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Step 2

Fill the bottom of the container with 1 inch of fine gravel. The gravel helps the container drain so it does not hold water. A Sedum adophi plant cannot sit in waterlogged soil or the plant will rot.


Step 3

Add potting soil until the container is half full. Carefully take the sedum from the previous container and plant in the new container. Add more potting soil around the Sedum adolphi until it is planted at the same depth it was planted in the previous container and the soil surface is 1 inch below the top of the container. Add water over the soil to settle the potting soil. Add more potting soil as needed. Spread a 1/2-inch layer of gravel over the potting soil. Leave a 1/2-inch space between the gravel and the top of the container so soil and gravel will not wash from the container during watering.

Step 4

Water the Sedum adolphi when the soil in the container is dry. Test the soil for dryness by pushing your finger through the gravel mulch into the top inch of soil. Water heavily until water runs from the bottom of the container.


Step 5

Fertilize once a month with a one-fourth strength solution of water soluble fertilizer appropriate for container plants. Only fertilize during the spring and summer months when the plant is actively growing.

Step 6

Place the container in which the Sedum adolphi is planted in a brightly lit location in the house. Outdoors, place the Sedum adolphi where it is protected from the hottest afternoon sun. Direct sun in the first part of the day followed by shade or dappled sun is best.



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