This world can never have enough love, happiness or cactus. Actually, the latter can bring the former and you can spread cactus around if you grow cactus from cuttings. Read on to learn how to grow cactus from cuttings.

These little guys will grow up to be soldiers.

Step 1

Choose your cactus. Any with thick, fat pads and spindly arms will grow from cuttings.

Step 2

Snip off a small to medium pad or arm at the base.

Step 3

Cut the bottom inch or two off the cut piece and leave in a shady area for three days so it dries out.

Step 4

Plant about 3 inches deep in a hole you’ve dug. Secure with stakes to prop upright if needed.

Step 5

Water daily for three days and then every other day for the rest of the week. Switch to weekly watering and watch it grow.