Blueberry plants are simple fruits to for almost anyone to grow. They grow in a variety of regions and will regrow year after year. A single blueberry plant can produce up to eight bushels of blueberries in a single growing season. Blueberries grow best in areas with acidic soil, so if your region has an abundance of acidity, you are in an even more ideal position to grow blueberries at home.

Blueberry bushes add color and flavor to your garden.

Step 1

Wait until the threat of frost subsides in the early spring to plant blueberry bushes.

Step 2

Plan blueberry bush plantings in a location that receives at least four to five hours of sunlight per day.

Step 3

Dig a space measuring 4 feet wide by 2 feet deep in which to grow each blueberry plant. Space the blueberry plants 6 feet apart since full grown plants will bush out quite a bit.

Step 4

Pour a thick layer of peat moss into the bottom of the hole and then insert the blueberry bush on top of it. Use your hands to pack the soil around the base of the blueberry plant to completely cover the roots.

Step 5

Trim away the lower branches of the blueberry plant to prevent them touching the ground.

Step 6

Apply fertilizer to the blueberry plant after it has been planted for several months. Use a 10-10-10 fertilizer and spread it in a 12-inch diameter around the base of the blueberry plant.

Step 7

Water the blueberry plants at least twice per week and more during periods of drought.