A rose is a perennial flowering shrub that has a distinct, recognizable appearance despite its many different colors, shapes and sizes. The Rosaceae family includes 50 to 150 different species of roses.


Rose Hips

Roses have a small, oval shaped fruit called a "rose hip." Rose hips are an ingredient in some jams and jellies because of their high vitamin C content.


Roses have green, feather-like leaves with spiked, razor edges.


Roses have sharp thorns on their stems and smaller thorns, called "prickles," on the underside of the leaves.


Rose blooms vary from one species to another and come in a range of colors. Wild rose blooms tend be smaller and to have a stronger, sweeter smell than the big, colorful ones grown by modern gardeners. Rose petals are coveted for their scent, making them a key ingredient in perfumes and waters.


Climbing and rambling roses can grow up to 30 feet, while miniature roses can be as short as 6 inches.