In What Months Does the Plumeria Flower in Hawaii?

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Plumerias are ornamental trees and, despite the fact that they are not native plants, are closely associated with Hawaii and are used to make leis. Plumeria flowers grow in clusters, and in optimum growing conditions, some varieties produce between 50 and 200 blooms per cluster. Flowers bloom in a variety of colors including white, yellow, red and pink. The two most common plumeria trees are p. obtusa and p. rubra and their hybrids.

Spring Months

Starting in March, most plumerias produce their first set of blooms. However, if you prune heavily in the winter months, or if a frost kills the ends, expect the plant to skip this bloom period.

Summer Months

Most plumeria varieties bloom a set of flowers during the summer months in Hawaii. Plumeria rubra generally stops blooming in mid- to late summer and will not produce another set of blooms.

Fall Months

Plumeria obtusa blooms a third set of blooms during the fall and typically produces blooms through October, albeit smaller than usual and infrequent. Plumeria obtusa and its hybrids remain green during the winter months, but plumeria rubra drops its leaves, which grow back in the spring when the plant begins to flower or shortly thereafter.


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