Shipping potted plants is not as complicated as it may seem. Instead of ordering from a local florist or an online florist, you may handle the task yourself. Properly preparing the plant for travel will ensure its safety during shipping. Check with a local flower shop or university extension about restrictions against shipping certain potted plants to other states.

Water the plant so the soil will stay moist during shipping.

Step 1

Obtain a healthy plant in a plastic flower pot from a nursery or home improvement store. If you already own the plant you are shipping, transplant it to a plastic flower pot that will not break during transit.

Step 2

Water the plant thoroughly the day before you ship it so the soil will stay moist. Allow it to drain well to avoid drainage inside the shipping box.

Step 3

Wrap the plastic pot in newspaper and place burlap over the plant's foliage. Place the newspaper-wrapped pot inside a plastic grocery bag. Tie the handles of the bag around the stem of the plant.

Step 4

Secure the flower pot inside of the shipping box with a cardboard corrugated divider. The shipping center should have these available for purchase. The divider will lock the pot in place at the bottom while the plant will be situated on top. This will prevent movement of the plant during transit.

Step 5

Place the divider inside of box with the flower pot at the bottom. Add bubble paper or packing peanuts inside of the box to fill any remaining space and add extra protection.

Step 6

Close the box and secure it with packing tape. Address it appropriately to the recipient. Ship it overnight for fast delivery.