Blooming throughout the spring and summer, the snapdragon is a low-maintenance plant with large, colorful, narrow flowers and a slight fragrance. A native to the Mediterranean, a snapdragon can grow up to 3 feet tall. The snapdragon loves the sun and thrives in well-fertilized soil. It is deer-resistant and easy to start from seed, although it is self-sowing. Pruning your snapdragon will promote more growth and strengthen the plant overall.

Prune Snapdragons

Step 1

Cut the spent bloom of the snapdragon down to the green growth. This will encourage growth of more flower stems through the blooming season.

Step 2

Cut your snapdragon back in the summer with pruning shears after it has stopped blooming and water deeply. This will produce blooms in the fall.

Step 3

Add organic material, such as peat and compost, to your soil when you cut back your snapdragons. This will improve the fertility of the soil the following year.