What Is the Meaning of Mixed Pink and Red Roses?

For centuries, people have ascribed symbolic meanings to flowers. Orange blossoms denote fertility, while daisies signify innocence; carnations symbolize fascination, while lilies of the valley mean sweetness. Roses are no exception to this practice. Though, generally speaking, they are associated with romance, their meanings vary greatly according to their colors. Pink roses symbolize something other than red ones; when mixed together, they represent a synthesis of both of their meanings.

Pink roses, like red ones, have a specific meaning.

Meaning of Pink Roses

Pink roses are associated with feelings of gratitude and appreciation. Among all rose colors, pink seems to convey the most sweetness and gentle admiration. A bouquet of pink roses is one way to say, “Thank you” or “I appreciate you.”

Meaning of Red Roses

Red roses symbolize passion, love and desire. Of all rose colors, red is the one most expressive of romantic love. A bouquet of red roses communicates sentiments like, “Be mine” and “I desire you.”

Meaning of Mixed Pink and Red Roses

Mixing pink and red roses together in one bouquet communicates both appreciation and love. The respective meanings of the pink and red roses are synthesized into a single expression. In a bouquet, this combination is perhaps more significant than a bundle of exclusively pink or exclusively red roses; it communicates the positive and touching sentiments of both colors: “I appreciate you and I love you.” A bouquet of both pink and red roses is an ideal gift on Valentine’s Day, because it demonstrates not only passion but gratitude. For the same reason, it is an appropriate bouquet to celebrate significant anniversaries in a marriage or other love relationship.

Types of Pink Roses

There are numerous varieties of pink roses from which to choose. They range in length, bloom size and shape. For example, pink sweetheart roses, also known as miniature roses, feature stems measuring about eight inches or less and blooms the approximate size of quarters. Pink cabbage roses feature stems about 12 inches long and dense-looking blooms packed with hundreds of petals.

Types of Red Roses

As is the case with pink roses, there are several varieties of red roses, each with a distinctive length, bloom size and shape. Red spray roses feature stems measuring about one foot and every stem displays a showy spray of several quarter-size blooms. Red hybrid tea roses have long stems, ranging from about 24 to 60 or more inches, and elegant, elongated, cup-like blooms.