Pansies are a hardy biennial bedding plant used in flower bed borders, hanging baskets and window boxes. Available in a variety of colors, they thrive in cool temperatures. Uneven watering causes pansies stress, and overwatering may cause root rot.

Pansies thrive with regular watering.

Watering After Planting

Newly planted pansies need to be watered thoroughly immediately after planting, since moving the plants from containers into soil places stress on them. Keep the soil moist as they adjust to their new environment.

Watering Once Established

Once established, pansies need to receive adequate water. Water to supplement rain to ensure they receive at least 1 inch of water per week. Do not water in the late afternoon or evening.


To conserve moisture in the soil, apply 2 inches of mulch to the pansies after planting. Use organic materials, such as pine straw, pine bark nuggets or shredded hardwood.