Are Raspberry Plants Poisonous to Dogs?

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Dogs often nibble on garden plants.

Dog owners must take care when choosing plants for their garden. Dogs often nibble on plants out of curiosity, so be sure to keep them safe by selecting plants that are not poisonous to dogs. The raspberry plant is nontoxic to domestic animals.



The raspberry plant is also known as the creeping rubus or the strawberryleaf raspberry. Raspberry plants thrive in climates that are slow to warm after spring, but can live in warmer climates if grown in light shade. The raspberry plant produces early summer berries, as well as a fall crop.


According to the ASPCA, the raspberry plant is considered nontoxic to dogs, cats and horses. However, any animal can suffer from adverse effects after ingesting plant material.



Dogs that eat raspberry plants may suffer from gastrointestinal disturbances such as diarrhea, nausea and loss of appetite. Some dogs who have allergies to certain plants may experience allergy symptoms such as dermatitis and itching. Raspberry plants that are sprayed with chemicals may also cause adverse effects in animals.



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