How to Plant Windflower Bulbs

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Things You'll Need

  • Windflower bulbs

  • Dish

  • Water

  • Rich potting soil

  • Spade

  • Mulch


Windflowers bloom in light and dark pink, blue, mauve and fuchsia, as well as white.

Windflowers maintain their bloom for four to six weeks. They come back year after year from a one-time planting.

Windflowers grow in colorful clumps.

Windflowers are an anemone, and are popular for their hardiness and wide availability. They grow in clumps of flowers that look like small daisies, and are useful in landscaping and as ground cover. Windflowers bloom in large riots of a variety of colors. Plant windflower bulbs for flowers that require little maintenance and give a maximum return.


Step 1

Plant windflower bulbs in early spring, after the last frost in your area, to give them time to establish and grow for their spring flowering. Choose a site that gets filtered sunlight for ideal windflower growing.

Step 2

Soak your windflower bulbs, or tubers, in warm water overnight to prep them for planting the next day. This softens the husk and gets the roots wet for planting.

Step 3

Mix the top 5 inches of your site with a rich potting soil to provide the bulbs with good drainage and nutrition. You should end with a 50/50 mix of garden soil and potting soil.


Step 4

Dig holes 3 inches deep for your windflower bulbs. These plants can handle crowding, so holes can be within 1 foot of each other. Place bulbs into holes and cover them with soil.

Step 5

Water the site well and maintain consistent weekly waterings to keep the soil moist but not muddy. Windflowers bloom in spring.



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