How to Open an A&E Awning

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The Dometic Corporation manufactures A&E awnings. Awnings provide shade during sunny days and shelter during a light rain and are both power and manually operated. You can open a power awning quickly by simply pressing a button. A manual awning requires more work but with a little practice you open it and close it relatively quickly.

Manual Awning

Step 1

Turn the adjustment lock knob on the back of the awning arm counterclockwise to loosen it. Push the travel lock on the side of the arm up to unlock the arm and rafter.

Step 2

Pull the safety lock lever on the end of the roller tube forward with the hook of an awning rod to place it in the "Roll Down" position.

Step 3

Insert the hook on the awning rod into the loop on the end of the pull strap attached to the roller. Pull the strap toward you to fully extend the awning.

Step 4

Slide the rafters up the inside the awning arm until they click into place at the top of the arm. Turn the adjustment lock knob clockwise to tighten it.

Step 5

Slide the pull strap across the roller to place it near the right end of the roller tube. Wrap it around the awning arm.

Step 6

Pull the lever on the side of the arm up. Lift the arm up to raise the awning to the desired height and release the lever. The lock button will snap into a pre-punched hole and lock the arm into place. Repeat to raise the other arm.

Power Awning

Step 1

Move objects near the awning and stand clear of awning arms.

Step 2

Press and hold the "extend" button on the remote rocker switch.

Step 3

Release the button when the awning is fully extended.

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