How to Assemble a 10 x 20 Canopy Frame

Canopy frames are large tent-like structures which are used during outdoor events to protect guests from elements such as sun and rain. These canopies are generally constructed from a frame made out of steel pipes covered with a vinyl tarp. As the number of guests increase for your event, you may consider providing one of the larger canopies available. A 10-by-20-foot canopy will give your guests 200 square feet of shade to keep them cool and help make your event a success.

Step 1

Place six 10-foot poles on the ground in a 10-by-20-foot rectangle. Slide the corners of the rectangle into "L" portions of the corner connector pieces (these pieces have four openings which the steel pipes can slide into: two which form an "L" shape, one pointing down which is perpendicular to the "L", and one which is pointing up at a 45-degree angle). Slide the ends of the poles which are on the center of the 20-foot sides of the rectangle, into two side pieces (these look like a "T"). Place 2-inch bolts through the holes in the connecting pieces and the pipes to connect the poles together.

Step 2

Place the 11-foot poles in the angled portions of the corner pieces so they are pointed toward the center of the square. Place the bolts through the corner pieces to attach these poles to the frame.

Step 3

Connect the ends of the canopy poles pointed toward the center of the frame by placing each of them into a corner of a crown piece (this will have two openings angled downward and an opening which is horizontal). Slide a 10-foot pipe into the horizontal opening of each crown piece. Place bolts through the crown pieces and poles to make the canopy one complete piece.

Step 4

Place the 10-by-20-foot vinyl canopy over the frame so that the edges of the canopy are even with the poles on the edge of the frame. Attach a few of the straps of the canopy to the frame to secure.

Step 5

Lift up one side of the frame on the 20-foot side and place three 10-foot poles into the vertical portions of the corner pieces. The canopy will now be propped up on one side.

Step 6

Place poles in the vertical part of the two corner pieces opposite the propped up side. The canopy should now be standing up. Place the final 10-foot leg piece in the center connecting piece, which does not have a leg attached.

Step 7

Strap the canopy to the frame by walking around the perimeter and looping the rest of the straps over the poles which make up the 10-by-20-foot rectangle.