How to Install Brick Pavers On Concrete Steps

If you want to refinish concrete steps, you have a few options: You can paint over the steps, you can paint a faux finish or you can install brick pavers. The last option will make the steps stand out and add to your home's entryway. The best part about it is you don't have to hire a bricklayer. With a few tools and some materials, you can install brick over your steps.

Step 1

Sweep the concrete steps thoroughly with a broom and dustpan. Remove all dirt to have a better bonding surface.

Step 2

Set a wheelbarrow next to the steps. Combine one part Portland cement with four parts masonry sand in the wheelbarrow. Mix with a masonry hoe, moisten with a hose and mix again.

Step 3

Pour concrete bonding agent onto the top step, pouring it evenly over the surface. Immediately scoop some mortar out of the wheelbarrow with a trowel and spread it on top of the bonding agent in the center of the step. Set the first brick paver into the mortar.

Step 4

Spread more wet mortar onto the step and place the second brick paver next to the first. Fill the gap between the two bricks with mortar. Continue to spread mortar and setting brick pavers until the first step is covered completely.

Step 5

Mix more mortar as necessary and move on to the next step. Continue to pour bonding agent onto the next step and set the brick pavers on the steps. Lay the brick pavers from the top step to the bottom and from the center out to the edges on each step until every step is covered with brick pavers.