Bobcat manufactures compact equipment and machinery used in a variety of industries, including industrial, agricultural, construction and landscaping. The Bobcat company is well-known for its durable and versatile loaders, such as the skid-steer, compact track and all-wheel steer loaders. The 943 model skid-steer loader was introduced in 1985.


The Bobcat 943 skid-steer has a standard length of 144.2 inches, a width of 68.2 inches and a height of 86 inches. The height to the bucket hinge pin is 124.8 inches, the wheelbase is 43.3 inches and the reach at maximum height is 25.7 inches.

Weights and Capacities

The Bobcat 943 has an operating weight -- a full tank of gas, the standard weight of the operator and the machine weight -- of 8,986 pounds. It has a rated operating capacity -- or how much the loader can move without being in danger of tipping over -- of 2,400 pounds and a tipping load of 4,800 pounds. The 943 has an auxiliary high flow of 24 gallons per mile.

Engine and Performance

The 943 model skid-steer has a liquid-cooled engine that runs on diesel fuel. It has a 236 cubic inch displacement and four cylinders. The Bobcat 943 produces 74 horsepower.

Additional Standard Features

The Bobcat 943 skid-steer offers standard operating lights. It features auxiliary hydraulics and a Bob-Tach attachment system.